Call Center Services

You have come to the right place for all types of call center services for your business or organization, including specialty and customized services that can go far beyond the typical call center and answering service.

Call center services (also spelled call centre services) include everything from answering the phone, responding to email and taking sales orders to shipping product recall replacements.

Virtually any business process you can do by phone, web or email can be outsourced to us. You business will benefit by minimizing staffing and office costs.

You can use our services to extend your reach into new markets and provide customer services to help service and retain your existing customers. We have services for all phases of the sales process from marketing to inside sales to customer development. Contact us now for a consultation or read more below.

With multiple call centers throughout the U.S., we have the services to meet your business needs.

If you don’t see the service you need, contact us and we can customize a service just for you.

Call center services fall in 4 basic categories:

  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Internet contacts
  • Automated inbound or outbound calls

Our specialty services are unique and can go far beyond the traditional call center service. Our specialty services can include a wide variety of services from virtual receptionist to product recall services.

Specialty services include:

  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Identity Theft Response
  • Emergency Response Answering Services
  • Hotlines and SOX
  • Product Recall Services
  • Multilingual / Bilingual Call Center Services

Inbound call center services focus on the incoming phone calls to your business or organization. Examples of the many inbound services include: telephone answering services, order entry/taking services, paging & dispatch services and customer care services.

Outbound call center services are services for the outgoing phone calls for your business. Let us make your sales and customer service phone calls for you.

Outbound services include a wide variety services including telesales, telemarketing, and market research.

E-bound services are contact services for your online / Internet business. E-bound services include live chat, web order entry, and online scheduling service.

Today’s Internet has become an important source of sales and new customers for many businesses. No matter how you generate traffic to your website there always comes a point where your customers need to speak to someone on the phone. Many customers will prefer to call rather than use your online forms. We can take those calls for you.

Website visitors that fill out your online forms will need someone to call them or email them to answer their questions or process their orders. We can do that for you.

Automated call center services are often a cost effective alternative to live agent services. Inbound and outbound automated services are available and include voicemail, auto-attendant services, interactive voice response (IVR),conference calling, and fax.

Use our IVR services to setup your company calling tree, handle frequent customer questions or to send out appointment reminders. Our IVR system can even take sales orders for you. Live agents are always available as a backup to the automated IVR solutions.

Check out our most advanced IVR solutions, aVoice IVR.

Our call center services can be customized to include everything from telesales, order entry, customer service, warehousing and order fulfillment – to managing the product recalls and shipping product replacements.

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