Job: Contracts Specialist

Title Contracts Specialist
Salary Negotiable
Location Richmond, VA.
Job Information


  • Government contractor specialist duties may include negotiating and closing deals, contract amendments and adjustments and evaluating a contractor’s performance. The individual may renegotiate contracts and extend contracts. The contract specialist works closely with the contract administrator for guidance on contracts that involve several or more contractors for services or products. The contract specialist also conducts research on past government contracts for a point of reference on contractual obligations and standards. A government contract specialist’s job also includes interpreting the terms of a contract and conducting negotiations.

Job Features and Functions

  • A government contract specialist reads a contract line by line to ensure that there are no mistakes on the originating document. If items in the contract are not understood, the individual can seek to clarify the language of the contract through legal means. When the contract is clarified, the government contract specialist can begin negotiating terms and conditions of the contract. A government contract specialist also creates emergency contract amendments for certain job orders for a client from a vendor.

Work Environment

  • The contract specialist works 40 hours a week. The work environment can be fast and dynamic; the government contract specialist may have fellow contractors executing contracts in the same office.

Required Skills

  • A government contract specialist must always promote teamwork and accountability when formulating government contracts. Oral and written skills are mandatory for this occupation. A government contract specialist must be able to conduct meetings with personnel, managers and vendors. A familiarity with knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping is valuable when the government contract specialist includes line-item language into contracts for certain


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